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Things Fall Apart is a musical installation in mixed reality.

VR Experiences for 8 people, approx. 25 minutes, language: English.

W. B. Yeats describes in his 1919 poem “The Second Coming” a world of ever-recurring turmoil. What holds us together, how have we individually influenced the state of things, what shining lights make it all right again?

Inspired by this supra-temporal text and exclusively for this work, Israeli composer Micha Kaplan has written music that will be staged – for the first time in this form – both as a live concert and as part of an innovative mixed reality installation. In the expansion and transformation of real space through the combination of artificial intelligence and VR glasses, visitors roam through a computer-generated landscape of images, sound and text, thereby creating a new perspective on this piece of world literature themselves.

The artist collective CyberRäuber, who have made a name for themselves in the performing arts with groundbreaking works in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, are once again breaking new ground in this work: together with powerful neural networks, they are creating a virtual, three-dimensional space in real space, a temporary, rhizomatic sculpture in the CLB that visitors experience and create together.

Concept, Direction: CyberRäuber – Marcel Karnapke, Björn Lengers

Music: Micha Kaplan
Soprano: Dana Marbach
Cello: Tom Kellner
Horn: Merav Goldman

Micha Kaplan is an Israeli composer, band leader, bassist and producer. The musician was born in Tel Aviv in 1975 and worked as a bass player in the alternative rock scene in Tel Aviv from the 90’s onwards. In 2000 Micha Kaplan moved to Berlin and started his double bass studies at the University of Arts with Prof. R. Zepperitz. From 2000-2002 he was a member of the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra under the direction of the acclaimed conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim. Since 2005 Micha Kaplan has been working in various musical directions and projects as a bassist, composer or producer with Esther Ofarim, “NETANYA” “Ofrin”, “Mari Mana” and “Planningtorock” among others. Since 2010 he composes and performs for the theater, among others Berliner Volksbühne, DT Berlin, Gorki, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Theater Neumarkt Zürich, Teatr Powszechny Warsaw, Hau Berlin.

Supported by the Performing Arts Fund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR.

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