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Discussion event organized by Stiftung Zukunft Berlin with the cultural policy spokespersons of the political parties.

We are pleased about the participation of the following members of the Berlin House of Representatives:

Daniela Billig, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/The Greens)
Dr. Robbin Juhnke, CDU
Florian Kluckert, FDP
Melanie Kühnemann-Grunow, SPD
Dr. Manuela Schmidt, Die Linke (The Left Party)

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Participation is free of charge. The bar is open.

The rerun of Berlin’s House of Representatives election is putting the parties to the test again, and sooner than expected. They have had a little more than a year to work in the “Culture and Europe” committee. What new concrete perspectives have emerged? Which priorities and plans should be questioned and rethought in the area of culture? How can Berlin’s cultural landscape, institutions as well as the independent scene, be strengthened and supported in coping with the multiple crises? How can it make a relevant contribution to strengthening democracy and preventing social division? How can large cultural projects, such as the Humboldt Forum or the Alte Münze, gain new strength in the discussions of the times? If culture is the model laboratory for new forms, then the question arises here even more clearly than elsewhere as to how civic co-responsibility in this area is not only satisfied in its need for participation, but is also taken seriously in its competence.

The Forum Zukunft Kultur at the Stiftung Zukunft Berlin has been addressing these questions for years and takes its civic responsibility very seriously. It intervenes in current and strategic discussions and is clearly of the opinion that culture is of central importance, especially in Berlin. We therefore cordially invite you to a discussion event with cultural policy spokespersons at CLB Berlin.

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