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Nika Radić works as a visual artist with a variety of media. In recent years, she has intensively studied hypnosis and its significance for the therapeutic practice of the American psychiatrist Milton Erickson (1901-1980).

At CLB Berlin, for the first time she is showing a new series of videos and digital collages in which she asked her interviewee under hypnosis for their personal ideas about the future. In this way, a collective scenario of the future emerges in the exhibition, which includes individual characteristics as well as shared concerns and wishes.
The exhibition space becomes a walk-in multimedia installation in which realities are reflected and distorted.

Nika Radić was born in Zagreb in 1968, where she graduated in sculpture from The Academy of Fine Arts. She also graduated in Art History from the University of Vienna. In her video works, installations and photographs, she deals with the topics of social communication. She wrote and published texts in international books and magazines about the ways in which art participates in different forms of communication. She already exhibited at over two hundred solo and group exhibitions.

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Friday, 16.12.2022, 7.00pm.

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