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Six hours like this for a few francs.
Belly nipple arse in the window light,
he drains the colour from me. Further to the right,
Madame. And do try to be still.
I shall be represented analytically and hung
in great museums. The bourgeoisie will coo
at such an image of a river-whore. They call it Art.

Carol Ann Duffy, “Female Standing Nude”.

In her performative installation, Hori Izhaki challenges the powers of current 3D printing technology by asking it to create a sculpture of a live model in real time.

In the gallery two entities will be facing each other: A female model, the artist, in a portrait pose on a chair — opposite her a battery of 3D printers. Over a multi-day sitting, cameras continuously scan the model’s position, feeding natural modifications into the printers, asking them to integrate the emerging data into their creation.

Analogue reality is increasingly challenged by the growth of the digital. Machines possess the power of precision. Their superiority lies in the precise manifestation of information. The craft of the artist appears almost obsolete. In her performative installation, Hori Izhaki poses a classic challenge of art to the machines. By tasking them to respond spontaneously and flexibly to the information they receive, she explores the relationship between creativity and failure.

Sitting/printing will commence at the opening on December 8th, 19:00h and conclude at the finissage on December 14th, 19:00h. Between those dates the process/installation can be viewed daily from 12:00h to 18:00h.

Hori Izhaki is a multidisciplinary artist from Tel Aviv Jaffa, who currently lives and works in Berlin. Her performative installations have been shown in museums, galleries, festivals and art fairs in the Middle East and around Europe. Her art is stateless. Always looking for a state, a place to be in synchronisation and agreement with, she arrives in temporal mechanisms, structures and arrangements she builds to fall and fail (like any utopia).
For Izhaki, nesting her works between disciplines is a choice for integration. Embracing the unresolvable question of what starts what, the media emerges from the theme and the theme is born from the media.

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