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In the spirit of Aufbau Haus as a creative incubator for inspiring encounters and the development of new ideas, we invite you once a month to an open exchange and casual conversation about sustainable architecture and urban development.

Together with experts from design, the real estate industry, urban development policy and all those interested in an ecological transformation of our built environment, we want to discuss how a real building turnaround can succeed. What priorities need to be set, what measures need to be taken, what barriers to innovation need to be removed?

We are convinced that a real “turnaround” can only be achieved if we join forces and achieve a new quality of cooperation between all those involved. We would like to contribute to this with our salon.
TURNAROUND is a series of events organized by the Berliner Architektursalon at CLB Berlin.

Initiated and curated by Sebastian Bissinger & Laure Boer (BANK / Graphic Design Today), Jason Danziger (thinkbuild), Erhard An-He Kinzelbach (KNOWSPACE), Sven Sappelt (CLB Berlin) and Martin Schmitt (Martin Schmitt Architektur).