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Networking evening of the Kompetenzzentrum Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft des Bundes on the topic of gatekeeping & discrimination in the cultural and creative industries in cooperation with DisCheck.

How can the cultural and creative industries position themselves in a discrimination-sensitive way in order to become a more attractive workplace for international professionals and young professionals? What barriers do people negatively affect by racism face in the industry and how can they be overcome? These questions were addressed within the Creative Lab 3.0 „Special Edition“ (2022) – and are now being discussed further as part of the Netzdialog.

As part of the program, the creators of Creative Lab 3.0 will provide insights into the project process. The authors of the book „Racialised Faces in White Creative Spaces – an anthology on Racism in the cultural and creative industries“ will also be guests. The book was written in the aftermath of the Creative Lab on DisCheck’s own initiative. On the occasion of the recent publication by edition assemblage Verlag, selected authors will read text contributions from the book: It is about representation, skills shortage as well as gatekeeping in the cultural and creative industries and ways to make the industry more discrimination-sensitive.

We are looking forward to an open and constructive exchange with all interested people and would like to encourage Bi_PoC, people with international history, queer people, and people with disabilities to participate in the network dialogue.


Event notes

The network dialogue takes place in English and German. Texts will be read in the respective original language. The stage program will be translated by a sign language interpreter.
To make the event as safe as possible and to ensure that all participants feel comfortable, the event will be accompanied by an awareness team on site.

Cultural Entrepreneurship


07.00 p.m.

With readings by

Dr. Michaela Dudley, Natascha Roy, Aşkın-Hayat Doğan, Guestband, Victoria Kure-Wu and Nainy Sahani.

And a discussion with

Dr. Michaela Dudley, Sasha Kills, David Kwaku Ehlers and İlyas Kılıç. Moderated by Seggen Mikael.