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“What does silence feel like?”
“Enjoy a piece of chocolate.”
“Take a step consciously.”
“Dance freely.”

This interactive dance installation explores everyday social media consumption and the impact that information overload can have on people and their interpersonal relationships.

…HERE! presents a counter-design to our lives in the midst of the media world. In a performance parkour, the audience is invited to pause in the here and now and, with time and all their senses, to immerse themselves in looking, experiencing and reflecting alongside the performers.

Embedded in the photo exhibition “tinder” by Volker Kreidler, 3 dancers of the company move in a fixed choreography between different experience stations. At a certain point, the spectators themselves become part of the dance installation, are allowed to actively enter the performance parkour and test out the “stations” alongside the dancers. The boundary between the performance space and the audience space dissolves and the scenery becomes a total work of art.

The performance parkour is part of a movement research by Company STEVE on the theme “The Impact of Social Media.”

Company STEVE is a contemporary dance company and was founded in 2020 by choreographer Verena Steffen in Berlin. The artistic work focuses on dance and choreography as an art form. Her works are intended to stimulate (self-) reflection and exchange. Intuition is Verena Steffen’s most important tool in the choreographic process to explore and create new artistic approaches. She leads the choreography into abstraction and leaves space for the spectator to create their own thoughts and interpretations.

Artistic direction/concept: Verena Steffen with Sinja J. Völl
Performance: Sinja J. Völl, Verena Steffen, Bianca Dakli
Video documentation: Hendryk K. Kar
Sound: Andrea Stefano & Company STEVE

Supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media in the NEUSTART KULTUR programme, DIS-TANZEN aid programme of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Performing Arts

Performance Parcour

15.00 Uhr

Artist Talk

15.30 Uhr
mit Company STEVE, Volker Kreidler und Sascha Britsko (Journalistin).

Performance Parcour

16.30 Uhr

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